Heather lives on Hampton Beach in southern New Hampshire, with her husband and 4 dogs. Yes 4. Yes, it is a little nutty.

Writing and illustrating picture books is Heather’s major pursuit but when the warm weather kisses the icy Northern Atlantic she is enjoying the beach. Body surfing, playing mermaid and diving dolphin racing are among her favorite water sports. She insists playing like a five year is research, but honestly she is enjoying every second of it.

Her bold colorful style is influenced by years of working as a Carnival artist. Becoming an expert in PhotoShop she attributes to being a professional photographer. Combining her skills with a lot of splashed paint, markers, ink and pencil she strives for art that has a childlike imperfection that is perfectly delightful.

Most important she gets out of bed a 5:00 am every morning to give me and the other three our Milk Bones (most of the time she is very nice about it).

In 2012 Heather devoted herself to her dream of writing and illustrating picture books.

SCBWI - Member since 2013

12X12 Participant since 2015

PiBoMoId Participant since 2014